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Rosie O'Donnell on Madonna: "If My Ti**ies Looked Like That I'd Be Nude Right Now" (VIDEO)


The new/old panel on The View is really starting to gel. While discussing pal Madonna showing her breasts at age 56 in a spread for Interview, Rosie O'Donnell reminded us why she was once gave Oprah a run for her station as the most popular woman in daytime TV.

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Said O'Donnell of the controversial pics:

She is beautiful and proud of her body, and always has been. You know, 'Express yourself, don't repress yourself' and if my titties looked like that, I'd be nude right now!"

Conservative panelist Nicolle Wallace gave O'Donnell a high-five and a rousing response of "Me too!" Whoopi Goldberg chimed in saying she wanted to pick one of her boobs up to see what it looks like, because it has been so long since she's seen them! Elisabeth Hassel-Who? Watch the clip below.