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U.S. Senate Confirms B&B's Colleen Bell as Ambassador To Hungary


 John McCain is not a happy blowhard right about now. On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate confirmed Colleen Bell, wife of The Bold and the Beautiful showrunner Brad Bell, as ambassador to Hungary.

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Bell who was one of the most influential campaign bundlers for President Barack Obama, was chosen for the position by POTUS.  Sen. John McCain made headlines by questioning Bell's qualifications and dismissing her work as a producer on the world's most watched serial. Said McCain:

She is the producer of a soap opera, has no experience in foreign policy or national security, no familiarity with the language, country or region, has never been there, and lacks meaningful knowledge of history or economics. I’m sure television viewing is important in Hungary, but the fact is that this nominee is totally unqualified for this position.

I guess we won't see the Arizona senator in the audience at the next Forrester Creations fashion show. The senate voted 52-42 in favor of Bell. Watch below.

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