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Nicolle Wallace on The View's Frozen Diversity Debate: "There Are More Black People in The Republican Party" (VIDEO)


The View's Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell have been engaging in a humorous debate over Disney's monster hit Frozen. While the Mouse House brass wants Goldberg to "Let It Go" faster than John Travolta can mispronounce a songbird's name, the EGOT continues to bring up the cartoon flick not having any black folks in it.

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O'Donnell, a huge Frozen fan, disputes the movie's lack of diversity, but couldn't get any help from guest co-hosts Mario Cantone or NeNe Leakes. It was regular panelist Nicolle Wallace, however, who offered the best quip on the subject, informing O'Donnell, "There are more black people in the Republican party." Watch a clip at The Wrap.