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Perkie's Observations: Just How Many Flipping Flukes Are There On General Hospital?

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Faison was under a Luke mask. Anna slaps him.  He claims Anna is to blame for what she did to him.

Dante takes Faison into custody. Anna arrests Julian, who continues to complain he was protecting his family.

Lulu brings out Rocco to meet his grandfather. Luke is thrilled to see him.

 Tracy is surprised Luke has mellowed. He explains being locked up changed his perspective.

Franco tells Nina disappearing with the baby will be difficult.  The two decide they need to name the baby.  Nina decides to name her Jamie after her brother.

Britt explains she and Spencer came up with a plan for her to get back into the prince's good graces.  She swears Spencer was never in any danger.

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Liesl takes responsibility, claiming she encouraged Britt to go along with the plan.  Nikolas kicks Liesl out.

Madeline tells Nathan she was denied bail. During their conversation, Nathan mentions Victor being his father. This surprises Madeline.

Alexis tells Molly she rescuing Luke with Julian on Thanksgiving.  She explains Ric wasn't Julian's boss; Molly's dad was framed.  Molly is angry that mother never believed Ric was innocent.

Nikolas accuses Britt of endangering Spencer's life and lying to his face.  Britt tries to blame her mother. He wants her out of his life.  Nikolas tells Britt to get a lawyer.

Liesl is at the station when Faison is brought in.  He overhears her refer to Nathan as her son.  Liesl admits she had Nathan with another man, which does not sit well with Faison.

Madeline tells Liesl to testify on her behalf at her trial ,or she'll tell Nathan who his father really is.

Lulu gets the call that Faison has been arrested.  Luke angrily wants to go after him, but the women calm him down.  Luke asks for a moment alone.

Anna runs into Alexis at the station. She tells her Ric is alive.

Faison asks for his phone call.  He calls Luke at the mansion and tells him their plan worked.  Turns out Fluke was at the Quartermaines all along.