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EXCLUSIVE: Days of Our Lives' Aloma Wright Talks TV One's Second Chance Christmas


Since her hilarious turn as Laverne Roberts, R. N. on the long-running sitcom Scrubs, Aloma Wright has been television's go-to lady whenever a series needs a nurse who can tell it like it is. This Saturday, Dec. 6, Wright—who has been serving up tongue lashings alongside tongue depressors  as Nurse Maxine on Days of Our Lives since 2008—ditches her hospital uniform to play a social worker in TV One's new holiday flick Second Chance Christmas. I caught up with her to dish about the project.

Daytime Confidential: You're doing a little moonlighting from Salem U.S.A.'s University Hospital on Days of Our Lives. What can you tell me about your role in TV One's holiday flick Second Chance Christmas?

Aloma Wright: I tell you, my character, Ms. Francis, is a case worker who initiates the removal of the child from the step father at his request, then she has a dilemma because he makes the decision that he would prefer to have to the child, but once the wheels of justice begin rolling, they can sometimes roll over people. [Laughs] So that was my role, but as you know, I don’t read whole script because I like to watch it unfold with audience, and be surprised with them so l can’t tell you how it ends.

DC: Casting directors seem to love putting popular stars from daytime soaps in holiday films. This season, soap stars are all over the holiday film guide. Do you think fans like seeing familiar faces while watching characters fall in love under the mistletoe?

AW: Yes, I do. I enjoy watching people I know and am familiar with. I have my favorite actors as well. I make it my business to see what they are doing when I like their work.

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DC: Speaking of love, Maisie (Robinne Lee) is a single mom who's pretty unlucky in that department in Second Chance Christmas. Just when she finds happiness with Malcolm (McKinley Freeman), tragedy strikes. (SPOILER ALERT) Maise's young son, Lawrence (Michael Rainey, Jr.), is left without a mother in the care of a stepdad he can't stand. What attracted you to a project with such a heavy theme?

AW: You know I have been doing comedy for so long, I relished the chance to do a dramatic role, an honest role. That’s one of the things that attracted me to this piece.

DC: Days of Our Lives fans can't get enough of you as straight-talking Nurse Maxine, but what other primetime gigs do you have coming up?

AW: This is the first time in my career I have been asked that question where I have to say nothing. I am on Days of Our Lives and that’s it right now.

DC: I can't bring up DAYS and second chances at love without asking about Maxine's romance with Abe Carver (James Reynolds). We saw sparks early in the year, but there hasn't been much progression. Will the nurse and the mayor ever get together?

AW: Well you never know what’s going to happen. Things change everyday, so you never know.

Second Chance Christmas airs Saturday, Dec. 6 at 8 pm EST on TV One.