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Perkie's Observations: Sam Blasts Patrick For Keeping Stone Cold Secrets on General Hospital

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Faison and Anna push each other's buttons. He claims she's no better than him now. Anna says he got what he deserved for what he did to Robin.

 Spencer demands to know where Britt went. Nikolas explains he sent her away for putting Spencer at risk. Spencer is upset over losing another mother.

Nikolas says Britt is nothing like Courtney. Spencer's mom was a good woman who would never have endangered Spencer. Spencer declares he hates his father.

Britt tells Brad what happened with Nikolas. Britt worries about Nikolas pressing charges. Brad tells her to call Diane.  Britt is thankful for his friendship, but tells him she can't afford Diane. He says he will help pay her legal bills.

Alice is happy to have Luke back. She admits she thought something was off. Hhe other Luke was always cold and mean.

 Luke wonders why she didn't do anything. Alice explains about her heart attack and Fluke shows some concern.

Liesl cries over Faison's fate. She is surprised to see Helena alive and well.

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 Helena accuses her of killing Victor.  Liesl swears it was to protect Nathan. Liesl complains about Faison being in custody. Helena assures her she'll get him out.

Jason sees Helena's photo in the paper. He tells Liz she was the woman who came to her house.

Jason says he's going job hunting. Liz  assures him he can stay rent-free as long as he needs.  Later, Liz calls Anna to tell her about Helena's appearance.

Anna allows Sam and Patrick to interrogate Faison.  Sam demands to know why he killed Jason.  Faison  is dismissive.

Sam asks why he killed Patrick's son. Faison says he didn't arrange the accident; Victor did.  Sam demands to know why Victor would do that. Faison tells her it was to prevent anyone from learning about Robin and Jason at Crichton-Clark.

Sam accuses him of lying. Faison tells her to ask Patrick. Sam confronts Patrick. He admits Jason was at the clinic.

Liz finds Nikolas on her doorstep. He's been without a woman for 24 hours and has to get his horndog on.

Anna goes to the mansion to apologize to Tracy and Luke for her part in Faison's reign of terror.  Tracy isn't happy, but Luke accepts the apology.

Jason runs into Helena on the docks.

Fluke pays Luke a visit in his basement hide out.