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Ellen DeGeneres Is Blessed By Portia de Rossi's Scandal Spoilers in Holiday Letter (VIDEO)


Comedienne Ellen DeGeneres showed she has a sense of humor about all of the tabloid fodder surrounding her home life with wife Portia de Rossi. While reading the couple's holiday letter on her self-titled talk show, DeGeneres discussed not having any children. Said DeGeneres:

"Luckily Portia and I don't have any kids to tell you about, although according to the tabloids we've been pregnant 16 times alone this year."

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The DeGeneres/de Rossi household may not be experiencing the pitter patter of little feet, but they definitely have a lot to celebrate this holiday season. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is still a monster hit in syndication, while de Rossi has seen a career resurgence this season, playing Elizabeth North, the villainous head of the Republican National Committee on Scandal.

Speaking of Scandal, DeGeneres quipped about getting to know spoilers ahead of time, as a result of being married to one of the hit soap's stars. Watch DeGeneres read her and de Rossi's holiday letter below.