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General Hospital's Chad Duell on Michael: "He Was Always a Quartermaine at Heart"


Chad Duell is doing the work of his young career on General Hospital. Former Corinthos mafia prince, Michael Alan Quartermaine has aligned himself with his family of origin and fans are loving it! In a new interview with ABC Soaps In Depth's Rosemary A. Rossi, the actor speaks out on Michael's metamorphosis.  Said Duell:

"In a way, he was always a Quartermaine at heart. He wasn't this rowdy or bad kid or anything like a mob boss' kid would be. They tried doing that with the character once before, but it was never justified in a way that would make Michael a totally different person. This is the first time that it's justified taking him into a different arena."

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He was never rowdy? When the Red Menace aka Dylan Cash played Michael, he ran around putting hits on people! Okay, okay, I'll cut Duell some slackage. For the last four or five years, Mikey has been sort of a Dudley Do Right.

It's been fascinating to watch him transform the character into a pissed off, horny prep. How you doin', Rosalie (Linda Elena Tovar)?  For more of Rossi's compelling interview with the rising star, pick up the Dec. 22 issue of ABC Soaps In Depth!