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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Sees a Beautiful, Familiar Face at Pentonville on General Hospital

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Anna wonders about Faison's involvement with Helena. He claims he hasn't worked with her since the brainwashing with Lucky.

Faison notices  Anna gets upset at the mention of mind control. Anna declares nothing he can do will make her love him.

Faison tells her the spell she cast over him is broken. He's finally free of her and she's no longer worthy of his love.

Fluke explains to Luke the PCPD have the wrong man. Faison wore the mask to trick the police.

Luke doesn't understand why Faison would risk more prison time. Fluke explains Helena plans on getting Faison out.

Fluke gloats  everyone believes him to be the true Luke Spencer. Luke demands to know who Fluke really is, but gets no answer.

Sam demands to know if Jason is alive. Patrick explains how Robin was blackmailed into doing research by Victor Cassadine. If she refused, he would let Jason die. However, Jason died anyway.

Sam is furious with Patrick. He robbed her of final moments with Jason.

Patrick tells her Victor threatened Robin. Plus, he didn't want Sam to hurt all over again.

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Sam accuses him of playing God. She tells Patrick to leave.

Jason wonders why Helena was at Liz's house on Thanksgiving. He swears he won't let her hurt Liz. Helena says she's only interested in Jason because of his reputation.

Helena tells him he's Jason Morgan, which shocks him. Helena says he's working for her now. He's been conditioned to take her orders.

Helena says Jason has no choice but to do the job she has for him. She explains he'll forget as soon as he's done the task.

Nikolas complains to Liz about Britt. Liz tells him about Helena being back in town.

Britt fills her mother in on how Nikolas wants to send her to prison. Liesl tells her Helena plans to help Faison escape. She wants them all to run away together and be a happy family.

Carlos finds Sonny in the prison yard. He accuses him of enjoying his life, while Carlos paid for Sonny's crime.

Sonny asks why Carlos confessed in the first place. The ex-Jerome enforcer says he did it to protect Sabrina. Carlos gloats he'll be getting out of prison today.

Sabrina runs into Michael. She apologizes to him for making him think Ava was the one who killed AJ.

Michael asks about Carlos. Sabrina tells him the lawyers are working on getting him out.

Michael offers her a job with at new clinic. Sabrina tells him how she was fired. Later, she reunites with Carlos.

Helena is not happy to see Liesl has brought Britt along for the ride. Faison is ready to be sent to Pentonville. Someone grabs Sam.

Sonny ponders his life. He glances up and sees the ever-beautiful face of Johnny Zacchara.