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Perkie's Observations: The Dimpled Don Catches a Jailhouse Beat Down on General Hospital

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Anna and her men put Faison in the prison van. Jason grabs Sam; he fires his weapon and everyone is at a standoff.

Sam begs the police not to give in to his demands. Jason shoots Nathan in the arm. Anna orders Dante to give Jason the keys. He drops Sam as he leaves with the van and Faison.

Helena wonders why Britt is leaving Nikolas. Britt explains what happened with Spencer. Helena is not happy  Britt put her great-grandson in danger. Spencer arrives, ready to run away.

Johnny and Sonny make small talk. Johnny commends him for keeping Carly out of prison.

Johnny apologizes for what happened between him and Connie; he offers his help in finding Ava. A handful of goons interrupt them.

The goons turn out to be Johnny's men. He explains to Sonny he's in charge. Sonny gets a beating.

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Carly and Patrick run into each other at The Floating Rib. He explains about Jason being alive and Robin working to save him.

Carly feels she should have known Jason wasn't dead. Patrick tells her that Robin sacrificed her family to try and save him.

Carly understands Robin's position. She gets he was trying to spare Sam more pain. She assures Patrick that Jason would want Sam happy, even though Patrick thinks Sam would be better off with Silas.

The two discuss Sonny. Patrick feels Carly and Sonny will find a way. Carly tells him he can make it work with Sam.

Maxie and Lulu are concerned about their men, with Faison back in town. Maxie reminds Lulu it's time for her hearing regarding Georgie. Lulu offers moral support.

Nikolas reprimands Liz for having Jake stay with her. He warns he could be homicidal. Liz assures him Jake is perfectly safe.

Spencer tells Britt he wants to live with her, but she says she's leaving town. Helena reprimands Spencer for his bad behavior and orders him to go home. Spencer and Britt say their goodbyes.

Faison is dropped off at the docks. Jason tells Helena that one cop was shot. Helena tells him to follow his conditioning and return to Liz's house.

Liesl is ready to leave with Faison until he tells her Nathan was shot at the scene. She decides Nathan needs her and she can't give him up a second time.

Liesl, Britt and Faison say their goodbyes. Father and daughter leave together, while Liesl stays behind.