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Revenge Kills Off Another Original Character, But Does Anyone Still Care?


Revenge, the ABC primetime soap opera we once obsessed over here at Daytime Confidential, continues to limp along on Sunday nights. Long devoid of any of the creativity or buzz which made it a sensation during its early seasons, the serial about a young woman's quest for retribution in the Hamptons now seems to be doing anything and everything to stave off complete irrelevance.

Borrowing from a marketing template usually reserved for Shondaland soaps, ABC promoted the death of a major character exhaustively. (SPOILER ALERT) Considering Josh Bowman has been begging to be killed off in the press for several seasons, I doubt anyone was shocked when Daniel Grayson caught a slew of bullets for ex-wife Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp). Good for Bowman. Who wants to be the last one at a party after everyone else has gone home?

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