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Perkie's Observations: Where In The World is Ric Lansing on General Hospital?

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Nathan is taken to the hospital. Liesl pushes everyone aside to remove the bullet herself.

Anna and Duke check the docks and find Jordan. She  can't believe that her eight months of searching for the Jerome boss has floated away.

Jordan's handler, Bob arrives. He's angry with her for messing up the investigation and accuses her of spending more time covering for the Jeromes.

Jordan explains the need to improvise when undercover, but Bob fires her. Anna intervenes but Bob's not happy with her either for her dealings of Faison and Ric.

Anna says she's making arrangements for Ric to come out of Witness Protection. Bob says there is a problem with that.

Sam explains to Lulu what happened and blames herself. Lulu worries about telling Maxie that Nathan was hurt. Sam tells her  she'd want to know.

Patrick runs into Maxie, who is still working on her custody hearing papers. Maxie gets the call about Nathan. Despite Patrick's warning, she heads out to the hospital.

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Ned and Olivia are watching a movie together. Ned mentions how they've become good friends. Olivia is about to say something meaningful when Alexis interrupts.

Liz notices Jason's pulse is racing and his temperature is elevated. She wonders what happened while he was out.

Jason claims he simply overdid things. The two watch the news where the PCPD situation is shown.

When the newscaster announces Faison was the head of the Jerome crime family, not Ric, Liz gets upset. She blames herself for Ric's death.

Alexis apologizes to Ned for defending Julian. She says she's trying to put Julian behind her. She tells Ned that Ric is alive.

Alexis explains Molly is angry with her. Ned assures her Molly will come around. The two kiss as Olivia looks on.

TJ and Molly discuss their parents' shortcomings. Molly decides to post a letter about Ric's innocence in hopes that his death wasn't in vain.

Olivia tells Ned she's glad things are working out between him and Alexis. Ned wants her to be as happy as he is and promises the right man is out there for her.

Maxie gets to the hospital and insists on seeing Nathan. Nathan worries about her being with him. She says he could have died and plans on staying by his side.

Patrick hears Dante mention Sam's actions. He is shocked to hear what happened. Sam freezes him out. Patrick says he cares about her and is glad she wasn't hurt. Sam promises Dante she'll find out who the gunman was.

Alexis finds Molly. Before she has a chance to tell her about Ric, Anna calls and tells her ic is missing.