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Perkie's Observations: Nina, Jamie and Franco Have a Visitor on General Hospital

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Ava dreams she's reunited with her daughter and is upset when it doesn't come true. Silas tells her  he may have a lead. He reached out to the art community and someone responded.

Nina wakes up and worries when the baby is missing. She's relieved to learn Franco took Jamie out for some air. Someone knocks on their door to give them a mitten Franco dropped. The woman says she recognizes Franco.

Dante interviews a boat captain regarding Faison's dissapearance. The man knows nothing about Faison, but is aware of Franco and Nina's charter. He'll talk if he gets immunity in writing.

Fluke tells Michael he needs to apologize for what his double did while he was at Miscavige. Michael complains about Sonny. Fluke says Sonny was a coward for killing AJ.

Michael points out Luke never had a problem with Sonny before. Fluke claims being at Miscavige changed his perspective. Fuke apologizes for his double making a pass at Kiki, but Michael says she's out of his life.

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Fluke says he wants to help repair what's happened with ELQ. Michael isn't so quick to accept the offer.

Carly pays Sonny a visit at Pentonville. She's shocked to see he's been beaten. Sonny wants to know what progress there is with the baby.

Carly explains about Faison being the head of the Jeromes and masquerading as Luke. She wants Sonny to tell someone about the beating; he says snitching would show weakness. Sonny doesn't want Carly to come back to see him.

Jason runs into Sam. He asks for details concerning the standoff.

Sam explains she has resources and plans on finding out who the gunman was. She explains about Spinelli getting the security footage.

Delia is thrilled to see Kiki. Her granddaughter introduces Delia to Morgan and says they're looking for the baby. Delia swears she hasn't been hiding Ava, as Ava and Silas arrive.

Kiki is upset with Silas for lying. Morgan admits he told Sonny where to find Ava. Ava wonders if Morgan wanted her dead;  he swears he doesn't but does want her to pay for killing Connie.

Ava asks for their help in finding the baby. Kiki and Morgan agree to help.

Fluke gets a call from someone.