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Perkie's Observations: Carly Refuses to Let Sonny Dump Her on General Hospital

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Betsy Frank arrives to meet with Silas. Ava tells her Franco has taken her baby. Betsy is about to give up information until she learns Ava's identity.

Betsy hates Ava for putting Franco through the ringer about Kiki. Morgan begs Betsy to give him the information, since he's possibly the baby's father. Betsy finally agrees to tell them.

Zoey insists Franco is the renowned artist. She's his biggest fan. She asks to see his baby. Nina is forced to show her.

After she leaves, Nina worries she'll find out the truth about them. Nina wants to leave to protect their little family. Franco decides he should just get rid of Zoey.

Carly is shocked Sonny is breaking up with her. He tells Carly he wants her to repair her relationship with Michael. Carly swears she won't turn her back on Sonny. He's the only man she will ever want.

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Carly promises to get Sonny back in Michael's good graces. Sonny wants her to find someone else. He says he'll refuse to see her if she returns.

Anna updates a hospitalized Nathan. Maxie drops by under the pretense of volunteering. She brings flowers from Britt. Nathan is worried about her being seen with him. The two kiss.

Fluke tells Helena everyone has welcomed Luke back with open arms. He complains  the operation with Faison was messy. Helena assures him it was the right amount of distraction.

Helena sings the praises of her soldier. Fluke finally asks who he is. Helena explains her soldier has no memory; he's been programmed and is the perfect weapon.

Fluke mentions how Michael doesn't want him near the company. The others won't easily give up their shares. Helena thinks she may need to use her soldier against them.

Dante tells Anna about the boat captain wanting immunity in exchange for information on Franco and the baby. When Scott agrees to the deal, Dante heads up to Canada.

Sam and Jason watch the video footage of the hostage situation. Sam doesn't get much information from it and jokingly asks where Jason was. He tells her  he was job hunting then comments that he's got all day, which triggers a memory she has of the gunman saying something similar.

Franco is leaving the cabin when Dante and the Mounties arrive.