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Perkie's Observations: Nina and Ava Want to Know Whatever Happened to Baby Jamie on General Hospital

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Carly pays Franco a visit in jail.  She's sorry she didn't let Sonny kill Franco.

 Franco isn't sorry he exploded her life. She promises to kill him herself, if he comes after anyone in her life again.

Nina and Ava both worry about the baby, as they sit in their respective cells.  Nina claims she did everything for love; Ava killed Connie for no reason.

Ava taunts Nina about her inability to have her own baby. She tells her no one is coming to rescue her.  Nina believes Franco will come and they'll be a happy family.

Franco is taken by Nina's cell.  She begs him to fix this.  Franco tells her he can't.

Alexis admits to Ned she saw Julian in prison.  Olivia takes their order and takes a couple of shots at Alexis.

Alexis questions whether she's offended Olivia, who dreams of telling Alexis off about Ned. Olivia swears she has no beef with Alexis.  Later, Ned wonders what's really going on.

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Carlos is waiting for Julian at his bail hearing.  He explains he has Julian's bail money, thanks to Johnny. Zacchara wants to form an alliance with the Jeromes and Corinthos organizations.

Julian says he wants to go straight for Alexis. Carlos points out Julian can't have her. Carlos says Julian still wants the power and enjoys the rush.

Julian pleads not guilty and is released after paying the bail. Alexis is surprised to see he's been released. She wonders if he's back in business. Julian reminds her she told him they had no future.

Johnny explains to Sonny how Ric was Faison's patsy. Anna orchestrated the transfer to Witness Protection.  Johnny says he's got Ric now and will kill him if Sonny doesn't agree to the alliance.

Sonny wonders if Ric is the victim or working with Johnny to screw him over.  Johnny says Sonny has 48 hours to get his crew to agree to the alliance, or Ric is dead.

Silas gives the baby a clean bill of health.  Morgan wants to do a paternity test. Silas says he has no legal standing. Wth Ava in prison, the next of kin has to give consent.

They all realize Kiki would be the temporary guardian. She gives permission for a paternity test.

Carly stops by.  Silas explains the results will take a few weeks since Morgan and Sonny have similar DNA markers as father/son. Silas says they can test someone else—someone who's related to one but not the other—and suggests Carly.