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Perkie's Observations: Helena Is In Control On General Hospital

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Nathan calls Maxie, who is waiting in the courthouse for her custody hearing. Lulu arrives for moral support. Maxie gets a text that Diane is held up with another trial. Alexis steps in for Diane.

Liesl questions Nathan's feelings for Maxie. She's angry to hear the custody judge is forbidding their relationship.

Liesl tells Nathan the truth about Britt and Faison leaving together. He asks why she didn't go with them. Liesl tells Nathan she stayed for him.

Ned questions Olivia. She admits she has feelings for him. Ned says he wants a second chance with Alexis. Olivia says they can't be friends.

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Nikolas maintains Britt needs to pay for her crimes. Spencer tells him Britt left Port Charles. He mentions the run-in with Helena on the docks. Helena walks through the tunnel door.

Sam stops by PCPD and tells a frustrated Dante she thinks she knows who the gunman was. Dante doesn't believe "Jake" would be capable and mentions his fingerprints aren't in the database. Sam calls Spinelli for help enhancing the footage. She decides "Jake" is the culprit.

Jason brings lunch for Liz. She tells him Sam thinks he was the gunman. Jason wonders if Liz believes it and offers to leave.

Judge Maxwell is not happy to see Alexis as Maxie's counsel. Alexis claims Maxie has fulfilled all of her requirements and has made progress. The judge says he knows Maxie hasn't stayed away from Nathan. He saw her come out of Nathan's room.

Maxie explains she's on the volunteer program and was delivering flowers to a patient. The judge mentions she was seen at the gym with Nathan and says she's blatantly disregarded his order.

The judge declares visitation is denied. Alexis claims they'll file an appeal.

Nikolas is not happy to see Helena, despite her insistence  he is. She feels they should stick together as family. Helena wants Nikolas to embrace his birthright and accept who he is.

Nikolas says he's the head of the family and everything already belongs to him. Helena claims she's in charge and Nikolas needs to start acting like a prince or it will all go away.