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Dr. Phil Raises $24 Million in Venture Capital For "Doctor on Demand" Video App


Dr. Phillip McGraw was paying attention during the years he spent as Oprah Winfrey's talk show mogul-in-waiting. The Dr Phil host definitely picked up a thing or two about maximizing brand exposure to the fullest. McGraw's latest venture with son Jay McGraw, the "Doctor on Demand" video app, has raised a whopping $24 million in venture capital funding!

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Founded with entrepreneur Adam Jackson, "Doctor on Demand" connects people with a network of medical doctors and therapists in the United States. It kind of sounds like Lisa Kudrow's old Web Therapy show.

The app charges $50 for a 25-minute session and $95 for 50 minutes. The medical professionals and therapists take home the majority of the loot, but "Doctor on Demand" keeps a cut, according to Reuters.

Would you ever get medical or mental health advice via a video app? Sound off in the comments!

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