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Which One of Salem's Gay Husbands Will Offer to Catch Paul's Fly Balls on Days of Our Lives?


Free agent Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) got some devastating news this week on NBC's Days of Our Lives. The good-looking closet case's baseball career is over and he didn't even take nary a steroid!

Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) is able to walk on water, feed the multitudes and leap Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson) in a single bound, but he can't fix a busted shoulder? I guess the Hortons will have to stop construction on his statue in the town square.

A devastated Paul was in no mood to be interviewed by cub reporter Will Horton (Guy Wilson), after learning all that's left for him is a life of coaching snot-nosed Little Leaguers. I suppose that's understandable. What Paul was in the mood for, was some of Sonny's (Freddie Smith) bubble butt!

Things are tense in the Kiriakis-Horton household these days. Will found out his hubby snatched all the money from their joint account to help launch his new club.

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When Will confronted his man, Sonny quickly told him he paid the cost to be the boss when it comes to their finances. I guess Will heard that! It's no wonder Will keeps making sex eyes at a distraught Paul.

I know Paul is supposed to be Sonny's great love from the past and all, but I think it would be 50 shades of fun if he penetrated Will. The Talented Mr. Horton keeps saying he will do whatever it takes to get the story. I say Will should bend over and prepare to catch the slugger's fly balls!

What are your thoughts on DAYS' budding gay love triangle? Give us your raunchiest sports metaphors in the comments!