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Will Ridge and Caroline End Up Collaborating on a Baby on The Bold and the Beautiful?


Caroline Spencer Forrester (Linsey Godfrey) has come down with a case of baby rabies on The Bold and the Beautiful. Since husband Rick (Jacob Young) is reserving his little swimmers for Maya (Karla Mosley) at the moment, could his big brother Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) help Caroline design her latest Forrester creation?

Caroline confided her dreams of hearing the pitter patter of little Forrester feet to Ridge on Tuesday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. What the fetching designer doesn't realize is, Rick is only pretending to be reinvested in their marriage. He plans to dump her for Maya the second his dad signs over irrevocable control of the family-owned fashion house!

Eric (John McCook) had the good sense to run Rick's proposal by Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Look for the Forrester barrister to run, not walk, straight to Ridge and blab all.

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I am rooting for Rick to get control of the company. He's been playing second string to Massimo Marone's bastard son long enough!

This is The Bold and the Beautiful, however, and Ridge tends to come out on top in these scenarios. If it all blows up in Rick's face, I wonder if Ridge will be the one making a baby with the nubile Caroline?

What are your feelings on The Bold and the Beautiful's latest boardroom and bedroom antics? Give us your haute couture comments below!