Perkie's Observations: Everyone is Super Horny This New Year on General Hospital


New Year's Eve continues in Port Charles and everyone is bed-hopping!

Maxie feels she doesn't deserve Nathan and is afraid she'll disappoint him.  Nathan says they're free to be together and the two make love.

Ned and Alexis get a room. They discuss how Olivia has feelings for Ned. He says he's only interested in Alexis.  Ned tells her she needs to decide who she wants.  Alexis chooses him.

Julian wants Olivia to join him in her room, even though the kiss was just to make Ned jealous.  The two play cards and complain about Ned and Alexis.  When Olivia starts to leave, they kiss again.

Sam wants to spend the night with Patrick. She assures him she's ready for the next step in their relationship.  Before they have a chance, parenthood interrupts and they're forced to postpone.

Carly and Ric snark on each other before Jake interrupts.  Ric and Liz go to their room and make love. They're briefly being interrupted by Anna.  Afterwards, the two discuss their past.

Anna confronts Kyle about Faison and his sick obsession with her.  Kyle says she still made the wrong call. Anna insists it helped Faison drop his obsession of her.  Kyle accuses her of distracting herself from Duke's attraction to Lucy.

Carly complains to Jake about Ric. She assures him Ric would never hurt Liz.  Carly asks about the bad blood between him and Sam. Jake doesn't explain.

Carly talks about the wonder that was Jason. She offers Jake a room at the hotel until he can figure out his next move.