Perkie’s Observations: Nathan Scrambles Maxie’s Eggs on General Hospital



Olivia and Julian wake up after spending New Year's Eve in bed together. Julian feels they had the right to distract themselves. Olivia just wants to leave.

Ned questions whether Alexis has regrets. She assures him she doesn't. He wants the chance to make things work between them. As they are leaving their room they run into Olivia leaving Julian's room.

Bobbie meets Luke for breakfast and apologizes for not realizing that he was missing. She brings up their cousin Bill Eckert and his uncanny resemblance to Luke.

Luke reminds her that Bill is dead. Bobbie reminds him that Bill was abusive to his son, something Luke vehemently denies.

Ava begs for a chance to visit with the baby before heading to Pentonville. Kiki asks about a name. Ava says she's naming the baby Avery, so that she always has a part of her.

Ava begs Kiki not to let the baby forget her. Kiki worries to Silas that Sonny will be able to get to Ava in prison.

Morgan pays Sonny a visit and gives him an update on Michael, Carly and the baby. Morgan tells Sonny that the baby is his.

Ned accuses Julian of coercing Olivia into sleeping with him. Olivia announces that it was her decision and tells him to mind his own business.

Nathan and Maxie spend the day having sex everywhere in their apartment and wasting perfectly good breakfast food.

Ned and Alexis interrupt Luke's argument with Bobbie. Bobbie mentions Bill. Ned agrees that he wasn't a nice person, which makes Luke storm off. Bobbie doesn't understand why Luke got so upset at the mention of Bill.

Ava runs into Sonny at Pentonville and tells him that she named the baby. Ava says they share a child now and he can't hurt her.

Olivia apologizes to Alexis for what happened between her and Julian.

Fluke calls someone to deal with his problem.