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Blind Neil is Wandering The Halls and Eavesdropping on The Young and the Restless


Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) may have lost his eyesight, but he's apparently gained the supernatural ability to materialize outside of hotel rooms in a single bound. The fashion executive just happened to turn up in time to overhear Gwen (Nadine Nicole) mention Devon's (Bryton James) married girlfriend earlier this week on The Young and the Restless.

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Some of the heat from the Hevon affair is wearing off, due to all these hokey instances. Why is a sight-impaired corporate suit wandering around the Athletic Club's hotel suites?

I don't get why Gwen was needed in this previously delicious arc. It's so Three's Company for a smart cookie like Hilary (Mishael Morgan) to enlist a sexpot to pretend to be Devon's girlfriend. Okay, so she supposedly thought Gwen was a nerd. Maybe Hilary needs to see if Neil's ophthalmologist will treat them on a two-for-one special!

As beautiful and bodacious as Gwen is, she's dragging the story down. It's time for Neil to get an eyeful of his trophy wife riding his son like a bucking, billionaire bronco. Then we can watch the sudsy fallout! Watch a clip from the latest Neil/Hilary/Devon plot points below.