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Is Victor Gutting The Warehouse District Because Nikki Has a Bastard Son With Paul on Y&R? (SNEAK PEEK)


The Moustache will be warning Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) to take that bass out of his voice, after today's episode of The Young and the Restless. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Paul's (Doug Davidson) bastard son from their kinky, cult days confronts Victor (Eric Braeden) about his nefarious plot to, you know, sell property he owns.

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The flaxen-haired, patron saint of all things righteous and true in Genoa City wonders if Victor is only selling out the warehouse district to stick it to Nikki's kid with another man. Never have I wanted Braeden to improvise a head butt more.

While Victor and Dylan are having it out, Billy (Burgess Jenkins) is gushing to his big brother about Connor calling him daddy. Hopefully, Billy will heed Jack's (Peter Bergman) advice, and not get too attached to the "late" Adam Newman's (Justin Hartley) son.

In more somber Genoa City happenings, Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) prepare to tell their loved ones he has cancer. Watch a sneak peek of Monday's Y&R below.