DAYS' Christopher Sean on Booty-Prowling Paul: "He Has Animalistic Urges"



Hide your twinky, blonde husbands, Salemites. Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) is on the hunt for some tail on Days of Our Lives! TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan got Sean, Guy Wilson (Will) and Freddie Smith (Sonny) to sit down for quite the three-way interview about their shocking love triangle.

According to breakout star Sean, his character shouldn't be blamed for pounding out Will's mitt. Said the actor:

Paul is not the villain in this triangle. Sure, he has animalistic urges and he pounced, but it’s Will who was easily swayed. Will has bitten off more than he can chew. He wanted that forbidden fruit! The only thing Paul is guilty of is wanting human connection. He wants love. That’s why he reached out to Sonny and now he’s seeking comfort from Will and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a basic human need. He has no idea he’s having sex with his ex-lover’s husband. Paul thinks Will is single. He’s not wearing a wedding ring. [Laughs] Will’s the bad guy!

When Logan brought up some fans in the LGBTQ community being upset about Will and Sonny's marriage going sour so quickly, Smith responded:

It’s important that Will and Sonny be treated like any other couple. We want to tell an authentic story. Whether you’re gay or straight, you have rough patches in a relationship. We’re just being honest here.

We at Daytime Confidential can't get enough of closeted baseball player Paul taking his big bat and balls to WilSon's relationship on Days of Our Lives. What do you guys think of the controversial storyline? Read the rest of Logan's interview, then come back here to share your thoughts in the comments!