Perkie's Observations: Helena Orders Jason Morgan to Kill Sam McCall on General Hospital



Jake is surprised to see Helena. He thinks he's only met her once at Liz's. Helena is quick to explain he works for her and has been conditioned to take her orders.

Jake tells her he's been having flickers of memories and was hoping Kevin would help. Helena says he's guilty; he executed her orders. Helena reminds him he won't remember their conversation when he leaves.

Sam tells Carly she believes Jake is taking orders from Helena. Carly thinks Sam is simply blaming herself for Faison's escape.

Carly mentions how Jake is now having false memories. Sam doesn't believe they're false. Carly tells Sam that Jake is working through his memory loss with Kevin.

Fluke continues to taunt Luke with a baseball bat. He tires of the game, just as Michael heads to the basement door to investigate the noise. Fluke walks out of the basement surprising Bobbie and her grandson.

Tracy and Lulu catch up at lunch. Tracy tells her about Luke's anger when Bill Eckert is mentioned. Lulu is surprised when Tracy tells her about a second Spencer sister.

Lulu tells Tracy about Johnny's return and Dante's feelings about it. Tracy warns Lulu not to revisit her time with Johnny.

Maxie and Nathan have a quickie at lunchtime. Nathan comments on Maxie's interest in the new Metro Court bartender. He informs her Sam thinks Jake was the gunman who shot him.

Maxie pooh-poohs this idea. She blames it on Sam's grief and anger over Faison getting away.

Julian tells Sonny that Faison was a decoy. An imposter is still living Luke's life. He explains Fluke is working with Faison, Jerry and Helena. This guy is truly dangerous, he warns.

Sonny wonders where the real Luke is. He wants to help his old pal. He thinks they should contact the police.

Julian says Fluke is out of control. He put out hits on both Lucas and Michael.

Alexis stops by to see Nikolas. Talk turns to Ned and how he's helping Michael at ELQ.

Nikolas asks about Tracy. Alexis tells him she was forced to give her shares to Jerry. Alexis wonders why Nikolas is interested in ELQ.

Fluke explains to Bobbie he was upset with her and wanted to confront their past. He asks if they're there to reminisce as well. Michael tells him his plans for the property.

Fluke reminds Michael he turned down his help at ELQ. Why should he let Michael use the house now for AJ's memorial clinic?

Michael points out the house is in Bill's name. This angers Luke even more.

Jake tells Sam and Carly that Kevin helped him understand that his memories are accurate. It was the power of suggestion that had him thinking otherwise.

Helena remembers her last instructions to Jake — to kill Sam.