Perkie's Observations: Port Charles Has More Election Hijinks Than Florida on General Hospital



It was one wacky Inauguration Day in Port Charles, New York on General Hospital. Keep reading for the recap!

Lucy, upset at how her love life has turned out, took home the final ballot box. This was following a nasty run-in with  incumbent Mayor Lomax. After months of hiding it in her home, Lucy confided in Duke on New Year's Eve.

Duke ordered Jordan to dispose of the box as her test to get into the Corinthos organization. Jordan and Shawn tossed the box into the harbor, which was witnessed by Spencer.

Spencer ordered his driver to pull the box out of the water. He hid it in his room, where Alfred found it. The butler handed over the ballot box to Nikolas.

Dante and Nathan recovered the box from Wyndemere. Back at the courthouse, Scott tallied the results.

Anna questioned Duke about his involvement. He denied knowing anything about the missing box.

Scott declared a winner — Lomax. Felicia was upset by the loss.

Mayor Lomax fired Anna and declared Agent Sloane as her replacement. After Anna left, the two discuss how they switched the boxes with the help of a now-nefarious Nikolas.