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Is Nikolas Really Embracing His Dark Side on General Hospital? (POLL)

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Election rigging. Who knew General Hospital's goody-goody prince, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) had it in him?

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I have wanted Nikolas to embrace his inner Cassadine for years. With an international mastermind for a grandmother, a psychotic father and an uncle who wasn’t afraid to be ruthless, Nikolas has always needed more of an edge.

I don't want him to start twirling mustaches like Stavros (Robert Kelker Kelly), or threatening to kill people with daggers like Helena (Constance Towers), but the thought of a grittier Cassadine scion is a pleasant one. I must say, I never expected Nikolas to dip his toe into the Cassadine underworld by burning ballots and rigging an election.

At first, the revelation of Nikolas’s election manipulation had me scheduling an appointment with my chiropractor from the whiplash. The father who is one day reprimanding his son about doing the wrong thing, is now a character from ABC's Scandal?

As the story goes on,  I’m wondering if Nikolas is really going to the dark side, or if this is all part of a plan to try and rid himself of his grandmother once and for all.

What do you think? Is Nikolas embracing his inner Cassadine for real?