Perkie's Observations: Nathan and Maxie Suspect Election Fraud on General Hospital



Nikolas questions his grandmother about her interest in ELQ. Helena says she wants to take over the company and needs a majority. She wants Nikolas to rekindle his romance with Brooklyn to obtain her six percent.

Helena wonders why Nikolas agreed to help Agent Sloane and Mayor Lomax fix the election. He says he's never been the same since Emily's death. He's tired of being good. Helena is thrilled.

Michael plans a business meeting at the Metro Court. Carly thinks he's had a change of heart and is there to see her. She's upset when Michael has no time for her.

Sam breaks into Kevin's office to find out about Jake's appointment. Patrick catches her.

He tells her to let the police deal with the gunman and says Sam could be accusing the wrong man. The two set a date for that night.

Jake dreams about Helena ordering him to kill Sam, then handles a gun Helena gave him. Carly shows up at his door, upset about her run-in with Michael. Jake offers to talk to Michael. Carly turns him down.

Michael runs into Rosalie.  She's looking for a job at the Metro Court. Michael offers her a job at the new clinic. She admits she was never a real nurse.

Michael wants Rosalie to confide her secret. She doesn't want him involved.

Nathan and Maxie discuss the results of the election. Nathan complains about Anna's dismissal. Maxie is certain the election was rigged.

Nathan asks Maxie to move back in with him. Maxie is worried about moving too fast. She wants to live apart.

Agent Sloane rubs Anna's nose in the fact that she was fired. Anna accuses him of rigging the election, which Kyle denies. Anna promises to find out the truth.

Nikolas tells Helena there are lines he won't cross, namely hurting any member of his family. Helena claims she won't hurt Sam.

Nikolas asks how she plans on taking over ELQ. Helena says she has an ally on the inside.

Michael gets a call that his assistant quit. He offers the position to Rosalie.