The Young and the Restless to Revisit Beloved Brash & Sassy Arc



Well, I can finally stop wigging out on Twitter about the need for The Young and the Restless to get Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) back where she belongs — running the cosmetics division at Newman-Chancellor.

More specifically, since 2012, I have been giving myself carpal tunnel on the social networking site about why Victoria and Y&R need to revisit Brash & Sassy, the heiress-turned-executive's premiere cosmetics line.  Here are a few of my tweet rants on the subject over the past few years:

On Thursday, my 140 character dreams came true. Y&R revealed Victoria plans to pitch a relaunch of her signature line to Victor (Eric Braeden). It's about damn time.

Brash & Sassy
Brash and Sassy
Brash& Sassy
Brash & Sassy
Brash & Sassy