Perkie's Observations: Lulu is Furious With Dante For Threatening Johnny on General Hospital



Michael brings Rosalie to the hospital to have her ankle checked out. He is surprised to see Lucas working there. Lucas orders x-rays, despite Rosalie's protests.

Lucas questions Michael about Carly, but Michael refuses to forgive his mother. Lucas mentions Morgan and how he's lost without his brother's influence. Michael mentions the clinic and asks if Lucas would like to run it.

Liz is upset when Patrick tells her that he has a date with Sam. She feels Sam is fixated on Jake because she's not past her grief for Jason.

Alexis comes home to find Sam preparing for her date with Patrick, but is thinking of Jason. Sam feels she's ready for what's to happen with Patrick.

Sonny tells Julian that Shawn knows about Fluke which worries Julian. Julian feels this will put a target on their sons' backs. Sonny is certain that Shawn can take of this and not get busted.

Shawn follows Fluke into the house and breaks in after him. Shawn hides when Helena lets herself into the house. Shawn eavesdrops as Helena and Fluke update each other.

Fluke suddenly questions how Helena got into the house and is concerned when he hears that the door was unlocked. Fluke checks upstairs, but finds no one. After they leave, Shawn tries to get into the basement door.

Lulu's upset with Dante for warning Johnny away. Dante reminds her that Johnny is a convicted felon and he's only trying to protect his family.

Dante accuses Johnny of manipulating the situation. Lulu admits that Johnny is her partner again, which upsets Dante even more. Dante doesn't want her to bring a criminal element to her business. He tells Lulu to sell Johnny her half.

Liz runs into Jake on the docks and she wonders about his bag, which he's just hidden his gun in. Jake claims he was coming from the gym.

Liz invites him for dinner, but Jake feels Ric wouldn't be happy about that. Jake admits that he wants more than friendship from Liz.

Patrick and Sam enjoy dinner together. He asks if Sam is dropping the investigation of Jake. Sam reluctantly says she's letting the police handle it. The two head upstairs to the bedroom as Jake lets himself in.