Perkie's Observations: Helena Orders Jake to Murder Sam and Patrick on General Hospital



Sam and Patrick start to make love, but she's distracted by a photo of Jason. After she puts it away, the two do the deed.

Jake has a hallucination of Robin as his conscience. Robin explains  she's a memory. She knows he doesn't want to hurt Sam. Jake says he's conditioned by Helena. Robin tells him he can't take Sam away from her son.

Helena explains to Fluke her plan to eliminate Sam. Fluke questions her about Jake. She doesn't give up much — only his name. Luke explains his concerns regarding the old Spencer house.

Lulu declares she's not selling the Haunted Star. Johnny taunts Dante until the cop punches him.

Lulu has to break them up. She tells Dante they need to decide things together.

Carly runs into Liz. She asks about Jake.

Liz tells her she saw him on the pier. He said he was coming from the gym Carly recommended. Carly doesn't recall talking to Jake about the gym. Liz mentions Jake was acting weird. Carly second guesses herself. She thinks she might have mentioned the gym. The two worry about his safety.

Sonny wants to wait for Shawn to get back to him. Julian is concerned about the lives of their children.

Johnny's goon, Gino, shows up with a few men. The they get disposed of pretty quickly. Sonny gets Gino's phone.

Michael catches Shawn about to break down the basement door. Michael thinks Sonny sent Shawn to keep tabs on him. Michael calls Dante.

Lulu accuses Johnny of goading Dante. She wonders if her husband was right about him. Johnny says he has no intention of going back to prison. He wants a fresh start.

Sonny manages to call Shawn. The enforcer tells him  Fluke was meeting with Helena. Shawn also mentions getting caught by Michael and that the house is owned by Bill Eckert.

Michael wants to press charges against Shawn. Dante reminds him he doesn't own the house. Michael decides to get a restraining order against Shawn.

Helena calls Jake for an update. He tells her Sam isn't alone. Helena orders him to kill Patrick as well.