Perkie's Observations: Fluke Threatens Sonny on General Hospital



Sonny calls Michael to warn him about Luke. However, Michael wants nothing to do with the mobster. Michael warns Sonny to stop calling or the warden will find out about the phone.

Michael tells Fluke about Sonny's call and that Shawn was at the house trying to break into the basement. Luke gets upset and decides he wants the house boarded up and Michael agrees to look for another possible location.

Tracy tells Luke that it might be a good idea to tear down the house and let Michael do good with it.

Lucas and Liz discuss Michael's new clinic and his feelings for Carly. Liz feels Carly should have been honest with Michael, but her first loyalty is always to Sonny.

Carly wants to know what Shawn is working on. She also asks how Sonny is in prison. Carly feels Sonny needs her and wants Shawn to put in a good word for her.

Alexis arrives to serve Shawn with the restraining order.

Jake is found on the docks and brought into the emergency room with no memory of what happened the night before. Liz calls Carly to let her know.

Sam and Patrick wake up together and all is fine until Sam notices that her phoenix is missing. She thinks someone broke in and stole it.

Patrick doesn't understand why anyone would want to steal the figurine. Sam agrees to ask her family if they saw it.

Anna tells Jordan that she's been summoned to DC to discuss what she did to Faison. Jordan decides she wants out. Anna insists Nathan and Dante will protect her and that she's the best chance to get rid of organized crime. Jordan agrees to stay undercover.

Julian wonders how they'll prove if Fluke is really Bill Eckert. Sonny calls Shawn and tells him to dig up Bill's grave.

Fluke calls Sonny, angry that he's poking around and plotting against him. Fluke warns there will be consequences.

When Carly gets to the hospital, Jake tells her that he remembers nothing after his meeting with Liz on the docks, except for a figurine. Carly checks his duffel bag for the figurine but finds his gun.