Perkie’s Observations: Heather and Nina Meet on General Hospital



Shawn finds Jordan tailing him. She wonders why she's not being trusted with all the information. Shawn accuses her of being an undercover cop, but Jordan is believable in her denials.

Shawn explains why he's digging up Bill Eckert's grave. Jordan stands watch while Shawn digs then opens the grave.

Sonny explains to Julian that they need to break out to protect their boys, because no one else knows that Fluke is dangerous. Of course, Sonny could tell people, but I guess breaking out of a maximum security prison makes more sense.

Franco overhears them discussing the escape and decides he'll tell the guards about the contraband phone unless Sonny lets him use it.

Nina and Heather are becoming fast friends in the loony bin. Heather's interest grows when Nina mentions becoming friends with Franco, but doesn't admit who she really is.

Nina explains how evil her mother was and Heather offers to be like a mother to her.

Ava runs into Madeline in Pentonville and blames her for losing Avery. The two argue back and forth. The guard sends Madeline back to her cell then threatens Ava with a knife.

Kiki and Morgan complain about Michael being cold to them. Morgan wants to discuss the kiss they shared. Lulu and Dante arrive, happy to meet Avery.

Morgan's lack of looking for a job means he's still jobless. Lulu offers to make him The Star's bartender.

Lucas and Michael find Luke at The Star. He apologizes to Michael and offers his full support to the clinic. Fluke says they should throw a party to get donations and Michael agrees.

When Lulu and Morgan arrive, Michael wants to back out of the party then refuses to have Morgan work it.

Franco calls Nina and apologizes for not helping her. Nina tells him that she's made a friend as Heather looks on.

Fluke pays Luke a visit. Luke asks again if he's really Bill Eckert. Fluke says he's planning a party.