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Perkie's Observations: Dante Realizes Luke's Having a Nightmare on Elm Street on General Hospital



Ava finds her way to Julian's cell. She claims Sonny sent a guard to kill her.

Julian defends Sonny and tells her about Fluke. He mentions their desire to break out.

Ava says Madeline is being transported to Port Charles. Ava plans to sneak out with her. Julian wants them to do it together. A guard arrives and drags Ava away.

Shawn updates Sonny about Bill Eckert's body not being in the coffin. Sonny tells him he plans on breaking out before Fluke can hurt the boys.

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Dante is surprised to find Bill's grave dug up. Jordan explains what happened and why. Dante is shocked to hear Fluke is not his father-in-law. He thinks Luke could be in the basement.

Luke wants to know why Fluke is throwing a party. Fluke explains he plans on blowing up the boat with everyone that Luke loves.

Luke wonders if Fluke is Bill Eckert, why he'd want to kill his family. Fluke screams he isn't Bill.

Bobbie wants to honor the anniversary of Ruby's passing. Lulu wonder why Luke isn't with them and calls her father. Fluke promises to meet them at the cemetery.

The guards find the contraband phone in Franco's possession. He sweet talks them into letting him keep it. Franco calls Nina again. Heather speaks to him. She warns she's going to punish him for betraying her.

Jordan explains to TJ how she was instrumental in helping Ric get away from the Jeromes. Jordan tells him she's now working with Shawn. TJ approves.

The Spencers meet up at Ruby's graveside. Dante questions Fluke about Bill's connection.Fluke is rude. Dante is surprised to hear about the Haunted Star party.

After everyone leaves, Fluke is shocked to see Bill's grave open. Dante heads to the house on Elm Street.