Perkie's Observations: Ava Scratches Madeline's Back on General Hospital



Ava tells Madeline that she's going with her, back to Port Charles to testify for her. Ava says she'll tell the court that Nina forced Madeline to help her. Madeline wonders what Ava wants in exchange.

Carly doesn't understand where Jake disappeared to and questions Kevin. He tells her that he never met with Jake. Carly explains making the original appointment for Jake, but Kevin says he was called away to an emergency that day so Jake must have met with someone else.

Carly begins to wonder if Jake is guilty. She decides Jake would want her to stop him from hurting anyone. Carly decides she needs to turn Jake into the police.

Helena questions why Sam and Patrick are still alive. Jake tells her that a hallucination of a woman stopped him. Helena asks what stopped him after his vision. Jake tells her about having memories of Sam giving him the figurine.

Helena orders him to forget that mission, to forget about Sam. She gives him a new job. However, Jake wants to fight the conditioning. He complains about putting Liz and Carly in danger. Helena warns him that Carly is not his friend.

Dante demands Fluke unlock the basement door because he doesn't need a warrant. Fluke says the house is condemned and wonders what Dante thinks is in the basement.

Dante believe that Luke is in the basement and accuses Fluke of being Bill Eckert. Fluke accuses Dante of digging up Bill's grave which Dante denies. Dante pulls his gun and orders Fluke to open the door.

Franco wants in on the escape plan and explains that Heather is threatening Nina. Sonny would rather dispose of Franco, but Julian worries that they're running out of time.

Franco doesn't trust Ava or Madeline, but Julian says they have no other option.

Sam stops by the hospital to ask Patrick to attend the Haunted Star party with her. She tells him that she hasn't found the phoenix yet, but is still certain that someone took it.

Lucas invites Brad to the party. Brad spots the phoenix and explains that they bring good luck. He mentions that it should be paired with a dragon.

Guards arrive to take Ava and Madeline to the prison transport.

Guards arrive to send Julian and Franco to their separate cells. The boys fight the guards.

Dante orders Fluke to cuff himself to the railing, while Dante calls out Luke's name. Fluke pushes Dante down the stairs.