Perkie's Observations: Jailbreak on General Hospital!



Dante falls down the stairs and knocks himself out. Fluke complains to Luke that Dante was desecrating Bill's grave, which was empty.

Luke asks again if Fluke is Bill Eckert. Fluke tells him to worry about his loved ones that will all die in the Haunted Star’s explosion.

Tracy and Michael arrive at the boat, ready for the party. Tracy complains about Luke's tardiness. Michael thanks her for convincing Luke to let him tear down the house.

Tracy compliments Michael and tells him that Edward and Allan would be proud.

Lulu worries when she can't reach Dante and admits to Maxie that they fought over Johnny. Maxie understands Dante's concern, despite Lulu's claims that there's nothing between her and Johnny.

Jake knocks out a caterer and shows up to work the party. He ridiculously sets up the bomb under the bar and hides it with a couple of bottles of champagne.

Carly finds Nathan at the PCPD and tells him her suspicions of Jake, but doesn't believe that he's in control of his actions. She gives Nathan the bag and he has the gun tested. Results come back as a match to the bullet taken from Nathan.

Brad asks Lucas to move in with him and declares his love. Never a good thing when you're leaving for big party in Port Charles.

When Sam and Patrick arrive Sam spots the phoenix. Lucas explains that he found it on the docks after treating Jake. Patrick tells her that Jake was found on the docks. Sam believes Jake stole the phoenix.

Ava's terrified when she sees the guard who's going to drive them back to Port Charles. She accuses him of trying to kill her. The guard threatens her again until Sonny arrives to save Ava. Julian and Franco beat up the other guards and leave with Ava, leaving Madeline behind.

Nathan calls Maxie who mentions that Jake is working the party. Nathan shows up and arrests Jake.

Dante starts to come to, so Fluke hits him again. Fluke places a second bomb in Luke's lap and sets it.