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Perkie's Observations: Someone’s Crotch Is Set to Explode on General Hospital!

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Fluke gives a speech, honoring Lucas and Michael's dedication to the new clinic. He then accuses everyone of not realizing an imposter had taken over his life. Lulu reassures him. Fluke claims that he forgives them all.

Dante finds the dead body and assumes that it's Luke. He tries to get out of the basement, but can't.

Helena tells her goons to grab Nikolas and tells him that he needs to stay away from the party. When Nikolas demands to know why, Helena tells him that the boat will explode.

Nikolas is upset because Lulu is on the boat, but Helena doesn't care. Helena has her goons knock out Nikolas and take him back to Wyndemere, out of harm’s way.

Sam accuses Jake of breaking into her place and taking the phoenix. She demands to know why and explains what if means to her.

Jake claims that he has no reason to do any of the things that he's accused of. Jake feels someone is making him commit the crimes. He grabs Sam's arm and has another flash.

Nathan questions Jordan about Sonny's escape, but she says she's not kept in the loop. Jordan does tell Nathan about the grave digging and wonders why he hasn't gotten these details from Dante. Nathan decides he needs to check up on Dante.

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The prison van crashes, knocking out everyone. When they come around, Franco declares that he needs to get to Nina while the others try to fend off Johnny and Carlos.

Carlos confronts Ava, who tries to appeal to Franco for help, but he leaves her. Ava runs off, but Carlos catches up to her and tells her to prepare to die.

Julian is shot in the leg. Sonny promises to deal with Johnny, as he arrives. Johnny is just as ready to deal with Sonny.

Heather admits to Nina that she's Franco's mother and wants her revenge on him. Heather pulls out a syringe and explains she'll give Nina an overdose of LSD. Apparently LSD can easily be found in loony bins.

Nina claims she's stronger than Heather. Before Heather has a chance to do anything, Franco arrives. Apparently one can simply walk into a maximum security loony bin with gun in hand.

Dante tries to call Lulu, but Fluke intercepts the call. Fluke tells him to focus on the bomb that will kill him, like the one that will kill Lulu.

Michael gives a speech about doing AJ proud. When he turns to praise Luke, Lulu questions who Luke is on the phone with. Fluke pretends to argue with Dante about his treatment of Lulu then breaks the phone.

Fluke claims he needs a breath of air and steps out. He meets up with Helena, who's ready to watch the fireworks.

Nathan gets to the house to rescue Dante as the bomb counts down.