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Perkie's Observations: Franco is Tripping on LSD on General Hospital

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Nathan explains to Lulu that Luke is an impostor who attacked Dante and put him in the hospital.

Dante tries desperately to leave the hospital, but falls. Liz tries to reassure him that Nathan will get there in time.

Sonny accuses Luke of being Bill Eckert and swears he won't hurt Sonny's family. Luke claims it's too late and Dante is already dead. Luke mentions the bomb on the boat and that there is only a few minutes left.

Jake tells Sam that he planted the bomb because Helena wanted to kill all of those people. He tells her to call and get everyone to evacuate. Sam manages to get a hold of Lucas and Michael finds the bomb where Jake tells them to look for it.

Michael grabs the bomb and heads off the boat as Sonny arrives, takes the bomb from Michael and jumps into the water with it. The bomb explodes

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Commissioner Sloane finds Julian and arrests him. Julian wants them to look for Ava and save her. Sloane is more concerned about where Sonny or Franco have disappeared to. Julian tells him that Franco went to Shadybrook to help Nina.

Franco tells Nina that he injected himself in order to stay with her and promises to be there for her. Nina promises not to leave him once the worst happens. Franco starts tripping and doctors take him away.

Michael tells Nathan that Sonny took the bomb and jumped. Nathan starts a search for Sonny. Maxie thanks Michael for acting so quickly, but worries about Nathan.

Lulu arrived at the hospital. She explains to Dante that Sonny escaped from prison, is the one that got rid of the bomb and saved everyone on the boat.

Lulu's upset that she thought Fluke was her father. Dante thinks Luke was never rescued from Miscavige and tells her about the body in the basement. Dante mentions Bill Eckert and his empty grave. Lulu realizes her father could be dead.

Patrick gets to the precinct and goes off on Jake, before Sam breaks them up. Sam explains to Patrick that Helena is controlling Jake like she did Lucky. Sam doesn't understand Helena's connection to Jake.

Julian's taken to the hospital where he reconnects with Lucas.

Nathan has Luke in his sights, but Michael interrupts. Nathan and his men continue to look for Sonny. Michael realizes it's been too long.