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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Goes Free For Saving The Day on General Hospital

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Sonny wakes up in the hospital with a grateful Carly at his side. He explains to Morgan how he tried to save Ava, despite his feelings for her.

Dante wants Michael to visit Sonny in the hospital and thank him for saving his life. Michael doesn't feel like he can.

Helena wants out of her jail cell and orders Sloan to let them out. Sloan disagrees, telling her that it will bring too much heat down on them. Fluke agrees with Sloan and is ready for everyone to know his true identity.

Nathan checks in with his mother regarding the remains found in the basement. Liesl says they can test to see how old the remains are.

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Lulu tears a strip off of Nikolas for allowing Helena to run amok and for not telling her that Luke was in cahoots with Helena.

Commissioner Sloan tells Kiki that they are calling off the search for Ava and declaring her dead.

Sonny is released and on his way back to Pentonville. Michael stops by the hospital, but their reunion is interrupted by Ivy, who introduces her father, the governor of New York.

The governor thanks Sonny for saving his daughter and everyone who was on the boat. He decides that Sonny doesn't deserve to return to prison.

Liesl tells Tracy and Lulu that the remains have been dead for at least 20 years.

Nathan tells them that the prints of the man in custody are Luke's.