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Perkie's Observations: Luke Is King of the World on General Hospital!

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Michael is shocked when the Governor gives Sonny a full pardon. The Governor feels Sonny is a respected citizen who saved a boatload of people, especially his daughter.

Luke proclaims that he's the one and only Luke Spencer. Helena's more concerned about how to get out of jail. She tells him he needs to help her figure something out.

Luke complains about Jake and tells Helena that her soldier confessed. Luke mentions that Helena's family isn't here to help her.

Tracy can't believe that Luke is in fact, Luke. Lulu doesn't believe that her father would conspire with Helena to hurt everyone. Lulu decides to pay her father a visit, but Nathan tells her to keep Dante in the loop first.

Nikolas tells Spencer about Helena's arrest and that she tried to hurt people, including Lulu. Nikolas explains that Helena does what she wants, but promises that she'll pay.

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Sam and Patrick wonder what stopped Jake from killing them. Sam mentions how Jake thinks she gave him the phoenix and doesn't understand why it means anything to him.

Elizabeth pays Jake a visit in jail, angry that he lied and betrayed her. She demands an explanation. Jake tells her about Helena and the possibility of mind control, which Liz understands.

Jake's grateful that Liz believes him, but wonders how they'll prove any of it. Liz needs Helena to admit and thinks she knows who carries the most weight with her.

Morgan checks in with Kiki, who's upset about losing Ava. Kiki worries about raising Avery but Morgan promises that he's there for her.

Michael demands to know what strings Sonny pulled and believes this is why Sonny pled guilty in the first place. Michael feels everything was staged from the beginning. Michael refuses to accept it and promises that Sonny won't get away with barely serving any time.

Tracy goes to the PCPD and accuses Helena of using mind control over Luke and wants her to undo it. In exchange Helena asks for full immunity.

Sonny goes to see Avery.