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Bryton James Dishes Devon and Hilary's Affair Coming to a Crashing Climax on The Young and the Restless (EXCLUSIVE)


The hottest love affair CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless has put on the air in years is set to crash land just in time for Valentine's Day! Of course I'm talking about the raunchy, forbidden 50 Shades of Lust between Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) and his father's wife, Hilary Winters (Mishael Morgan).

With Devon, Hilary, Neil (Kristoff St. John), Lily (Christel Khalil), Cane (Daniel Goddard), Colin (Tristan Rogers) and Jill (Jess Walton) all headed to Chicago to look for office space for Chancellor Industries this Valentine's Day, Y&R fans will be getting much more than candy hearts and Cupid's arrows. Try a shocking revelation and a horrifying plane crash!

I caught up with James to talk about one of the sexiest sagas in daytime. Can Hilary and Devon's love survive the aftermath of Y&R's most explosive story climax in at least a decade? Keep reading to find out!

Daytime Confidential: Devon has been a very naughty son on The Young and the Restless! How does he justify carrying on with Neil's (Kristoff St. John) wife behind his back for so long?

Bryton James: I believe Devon justifies what he's doing because he believes that what he has with Hilary is true love. He has had every intention of telling Neil the truth, but also is trying to spare his feelings while he's learning to get a handle on being blind.

DC: This isn't the first time Devon has gone to bed with one of his dad's significant others. He also slept with Tyra (Eva Marcille) while she and Neil were involved, and he once believed she was his aunt! Does Devon need some time on a therapist's couch?

BJ: Everybody loves to forget that Neil was cheating on Karen (Nia Peeples) with Tyra when Devon slept with her too.


DC: The Hilary/Devon affair, or "Hevon" as it is affectionately referred to on social media, was Y&R's hottest storyline in 2014. Now it's set up to literally come crashing down around them this week. Are you a bit sad to see the secret affair portion of the storyline end?

BJ: Not at all. It's amazing to me that fans have reacted so well to a couple that's not even really a couple yet. Fans have only begun to see what "Hevon's" relationship actually looks like without having to keep their love a secret and I can't wait to see it unfold.

DC: Hevon's steamy trysts haven't been a secret to everyone. Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Colin (Tristan Rogers) have known the truth for awhile. Does Devon have any idea what his actions are about to do to the Winters-Ashby family?

BJ: I think he does, but like anything you can't really know how it's truly going to turn out until it happens. I think he's going to be emotionally surprised at some of the fallout, but it's nothing he isn't prepared to handle.

DC: We've seen Devon and Hilary wracked with guilt over their actions. Does the fact that Neil adopted Devon into his family make the young billionaire's remorse even more palpable?

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BJ: Of course it does. Devon is unintentionally going to crush the man who's dedicated over a decade to making him feel a part of a real family. It's unavoidable though.

DC: Devon turned the tables on blackmailer Colin by giving Jill (Jess Walton) the money to buy Chancellor Industries on his own terms. Will we see Katherine's (the late Jeanne Cooper) grandson take on an active role in running her empire?

BJ: I sure hope so! I love the business world on the show and I hope Devon gets to act in some part of it. I miss the days of working at Newman Enterprises.

DC: Devon and Hilary have no idea Neil has his sight back, or that he caught them in bed together. Now they're all on a plane together headed to Chi-Town. This can't be good?

BJ: What makes you say that?

DC: Neil's reaction is one thing, but there's also Devon's beloved sister, Lily (Christel Khalil). Devon, Hilary and Lily's own husband have all been keeping this ugly secret from her. Is Mrs. Ashby about to go on the warpath?

BJ: I'd say that's a safe bet.

DC: You've been on Y&R for 11 years and this is Devon's first soapy, long-term love affair. Do you find yourself thanking the Soap Gods TPTB were smart enough to pair you and Mishael Morgan (Hilary)?

BJ: To be honest, I think it was all the right timing. I was given extremely meaningful and big stories over the first nine years, from losing my hearing, to finding out I was Mrs. Chancellor's grandson. So I think it gave the audience the perfect amount of time to see my character grow and become believable in a leading romantic story like this one. But of course, I'm very happy they paired Mishael and I together!

DC: On Twitter, you and Mishael have both been very appreciative for all the love and support from the Hevon fans. Is it surreal to be part of a squish name-worthy popular pairing after all this time on the show?

BJ: It's very surreal! I really never thought it would happen. For my name to be a part of any poll, much less be on top of a few big ones and have "Hevon" knock "Lane" out of the number one spot after almost three years is very humbling. It really goes to show how great the writing has been to have this story get as much love as it has.

DC: Once everyone in Genoa City learns about Devon and Hilary's affair, what then? Does this couple stand a chance of finding happiness, despite all of the odds against them?

BJ: Of course they do! There's going to be twists and turns and unexpected outcomes, but I predict after a very, very, long uphill battle, Hilary and Devon will find happiness together, and the emotional lengths they will go to protect one another will only cement their love.

Bryton James and Mishael Morgan will be live-tweeting The Young and the Restless this Friday, Feb. 13. Follow them @BrytonEJames and @MishaelMorgan.

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