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Perkie's Observations: Lucas Professes His Love For Brad On General Hospital

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It's Valentine's Day in Port Charles and many couples are preparing for their big day.

Ned's impatiently waiting for Alexis. When she finally arrives, Alexis is thrilled that Ned brought in famous chef JL to cook for her. Ned tells Alexis that he saw her holding hands with Julian.

Alexis explains that she was comforting Julian and then consulting on his new defense. Ned accuses her of not being able to stay away from Julian. Alexis storms out.

Sam and Lucas spend time with their father while he recuperates. Julian questions their Valentine's dates. Lucas admits things are off with Brad, because of the I Love You.

Julian questions why Lucas can't tell Brad his feelings. Lucas admits that he's scared. Julian feels Lucas should tell Brad the truth.

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Assistant District Attorney Natalia gets an update from Nathan about Johnny's whereabouts. Nathan claims Johnny broke into Maxie's and stole her car. Natalia wonders why he isn't with Maxie tonight. Nathan explains that they had a fight. Natalia tells him to patch things up.

Olivia's Bensonhurst friend Melissa drops by for a visit and wonders why Olivia is so mopey. Olivia admits she likes Ned, but he has eyes for someone else. Melissa feels Olivia needs to tell Ned how she feels.

Maxie is thrilled when Spinelli and Georgie arrive. Maxie tells Spin how Nathan's angry with her. Maxie explain how she helped Johnny and that it put Nathan in a bad position.

Spin is certain that Nathan will forgive her. Talk turns to Ellie and Spin admits they broke up.

Brad complains to Felix about Lucas. Lucas arrives and admits that he messed up because he was scared. Lucas lets everyone know that he loves Brad.

Melissa runs into Ned and complains about his treatment of Olivia. She tells him to go to Olivia.

Alexis goes back to see Julian and tells him that she wants to be with him.

Ned finds Olivia, who's getting test results from her doctor. Turns out, she's pregnant.