Why I'm Torn Between Spixie and Naxie on General Hospital

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Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) returned to Port Charles with little Georgie on General Hospital. I couldn’t be happier for Maxie (Kirsten Storms) to be reunited with her daughter. However, their child wasn’t the only topic of conversation. Spinelli still has feelings for Maxie.

The quirky computer whiz and the unemployed fashionista share a wonderful history and an emotional bond that has always made me root for Spixie. Yet, surprisingly, I found myself watching Monday’s episode hoping Spixie didn't get back together.

Before anyone accuses me of betraying Spixie for Naxie, I haven’t. Maxie and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) are cute and fun in their own way, but I still find Nathan to be as dynamic as a tree stump.

I expected to be cheering the Spinelli and Maxie scenes, but instead I’m more looking to how Spinelli will factor into Jake’s (Billy Miller) story. Now I can’t decide if I want to see Spixie reunite, or just enjoy wherever Naxie is headed. Maybe Spixie is just better off as friends?