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Perkie's Observations: Olivia's Pregnant on General Hospital

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Ned explains to Olivia about the fight with Alexis and how Melissa told him that he belongs with Olivia. Ned tells Olivia that her friend was right. Olivia tells him that she's pregnant with Julian's baby.

Alexis tells Julian that she wants to be with him despite the issues that are still between them. She says she needs to properly end things with Ned before starting up with Julian again.

Nathan tells Dante the truth about Maxie helping Johnny. Dante wonders if Nathan can get past it.

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Spinelli says Ellie thinks he's still in love with Maxie and that he wasn't able to deny that. Spin wonders if Maxie's issues with Nathan mean that they have a chance to be a family. Before Maxie has a chance to respond, Nathan arrives.

Sabrina stops by to apologize to Michael for Carlos' involvement with Luke. Michael complains about Sonny's pardon. He tells her he's decided to go after Sonny's legitimate businesses. Sabrina warns him about revenge, but Michael is determined to make Sonny pay.

Sonny and Carly enjoy the evening together until they're interrupted by Avery. Sonny claims he's dedicated to being a better father this time around.

Kiki pays Franco a visit. He's confused and thinks she's the daughter he raised. Kiki tries unsuccessfully to make him understand. She wants advice about Avery and whether to sue Sonny for custody.

Franco feels that you shouldn't keep a father from his daughter and that parenting makes one a better man. As Kiki says her goodbyes, Franco promises he won't forget her.

Sonny gets served. He tells Carly that he's being sued for custody of Avery. However, it’s not by Kiki, by Michael.