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Perkie's Observations: Nathan Finds Out Spinelli Wants Maxie Back on General Hospital

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Liz asks if Jake remembers who he is. Jake says he remembers saying that but the memory is gone. Liz promises that he's a good man, no matter what. Jake thanks her for standing by him.

Carly worries that once Jake remembers he'll leave and she'll lose her new found friend. Patrick updates them on Jake's continued memory loss

Nathan's upset to hear that Maxie knew about Spinelli's feelings for her. Maxie swears she didn't have time to tell him and was still worried about his anger regarding Johnny.

Nathan apologizes for letting Spinelli get under his skin than wonders if Maxie still has feelings for Spin. Nathan tells her to decide who she wants to be with.

Anna tells Jordan that she's now going after Kyle for rigging the election. Jordan wonders why Nikolas isn't a suspect. However, Anna is certain that Nik wasn't involved. Jordan tells Anna about Duke still being in charge.

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Anna wonders if Jordan will be able to turn Shawn in when the time comes. Jordan admits she and Shawn are becoming a family with TJ. Anna reminds her that they have a job to do.

Kyle pays Nikolas a visit to ask how to handle Jake. Nik tells him that Helena is gone and that he wants the charges against Jake dropped.

Shawn updates Sonny on the business and that things are working out with Jordan. Sonny tells him to keep an eye on Jake.

Carly apologizes to Jake for turning him in and blames Helena for everything. Jake assures her that they're still friends.

Liz updates everyone on the love happenings at Wyndemere. Patrick decides to head out to console Emma.

Shawn sees Anna leaving Jordan's place. Jordan tells him that Anna is a Fed now but that she didn't tell Anna anything.

Spencer celebrates his tenth birthday with a blowout bash. Cameron continues to complain that Emma didn't tell him Joss was interested in him. Cam and Emma break up and Cameron leaves with Joss but not before accidentally knocking something onto a candle.

Neither Emma nor Spencer notices when the room catches on fire.