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Perkie's Observations: Spencer’s Birthday Goes Up in Flames on General Hospital

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Emma and Spencer finally notice that the room is on fire and run out. Spencer goes back in for the boxing robe Sonny gave him and gets blocked.

Patrick arrives to pick up Emma and talks to Nikolas about their kids' love lives. Nik asks about Jake and if his memories will ever come back.

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Alexis wonders about Ned being Olivia's baby daddy and says the circumstances are similar to what happened with Kristina. Julian doesn't believe Ned would lie a second time. Julian admits he would have liked to have been the father since he missed all the milestones with his children. Alexis assures him he'll make memories with Danny.

Olivia worries that Alexis doesn't believe their story, but Ned is certain Alexis won't dig any deeper. Olivia points out that Ned now has to live with the lie, something Ned is fine with.

Ric's waiting for Liz when she gets home and apologizes for wanting Jake to plead guilty. Liz tells him about the implant and that Helena was responsible for everything. Liz accuses Ric of wanting Jake out of the way. Ric questions whether Liz has feelings for Jake, but Cameron arrives, allowing Liz to skirt the question.

Sam asks Jake about the comment he made before his surgery. Jake remembers talking about a ring, but has lost the rest of the memory. Sam wants to help him figure out who he is and offers to ask Nikolas' help.
Emma comes running for Nik and Patrick. Patrick calls 911 and gets Emma out of the house, while Nik gets an unconscious Spencer out of the burning room.