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Perkie's Observations: Dante Threatens Luke on General Hospital

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Spencer is brought into the hospital. Emma and Nikolas comfort each other while Patrick and Lucas work on saving Spencer.

Duke complains to Anna that Julian shouldn't be free and wonders what she plans on doing about it. Anna tells him to take it up with the new commissioner. Duke warns he'll handle things himself. Anna reminds him not to implicate himself in front of her.

Dante confronts Luke, who warns that Dante and his family are not safe from him. Nathan holds off Dante, who swears he'll kill Luke if he goes after Lulu. Diane arrives, as Luke's new attorney.

Nathan and Dante point out everything Luke's done, but Diane claims Luke has rights. She insists a bail hearing needs to be arranged immediately. Alone, Luke threatens Diane if she doesn't come through for him.

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Maxie doesn't want Spinelli to spend the night on her couch. Spin figures she's worried something will happen between them. Maxie gets angry and tells him that he's disrupted her life and he's treating her unfairly. She tells him to find another place to stay.

Bobbie returns empty handed from her search for her sister Pat. Tracy demands to know what drove Pat away. Bobbie doesn't remember much, but that Pat took care of them when their father was drunk. Bobbie says Pat didn't go with them to Aunt Ruby's, which both Tracy and Lulu find strange.

Lulu decides they need to hire a private investigator to try and find Pat. Tracy doesn't want Sam or Felicia. Spinelli arrives as they are trying to think of someone else.

Julian isn't happy to hear that Alexis is Nina's attorney, but promises not to come between her and her work. Alexis tells him that Michael is suing for custody of Avery.

Duke pays Julian a visit and tells Julian to turn over his territory to him. Julian says he won't roll over so Duke promises to bury him.

At the hospital Anna comforts Emma while Alexis tries to reassure Nikolas that Spencer will pull through. Patrick tells Nik that Spencer has severe burns on his right side and the complications that could arise.

Nik sits with Spencer.