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Perkie’s Observations: Nina Claims Avery Is Her Child on General Hospital!

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Elizabeth checks in on Nikolas, who gives her the latest update on Spencer. Liz asks if he's spoken to a specialist when Dr. Obrecht arrives. Nik angrily tells Liesl to leave, but she reminds him that Britt loved Spencer.

Liesl says Spencer would be better served at Shriner's Children's Hospital, where he'll receive expert treatment. Nikolas accepts her offer to make the arrangements.

Michael's ready for his custody hearing, but Alexis warns him that Sonny will fight just as hard and the courts favor biological parents. Alexis warns Michael not to lose his cool.

Carly tells Sonny about Spencer's accident. Sonny's upset and wants to head to the hospital, but Carly tells him to focus on the custody hearing because Michael won't back down.

Ric arrives, claiming Diane is busy on another case, but promises to fight for Sonny. Carly brings up Jake's case. She accuses Ric of tanking the case because of Liz' feelings for Jake. Ric swears he'll fight for Sonny, who accepts.

Nathan updates Silas about Nina's progress. Silas is surprised that Nina's ready to be released. Nathan says Nina knows right from wrong.

Nina pays Franco a visit, but he thinks she's someone else. Nina promises not to abandon him.

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Morgan tells Kiki that Michael is suing Sonny for custody. Kiki feels Michael has no right to interfere. She points out that he never came to see the baby when Kiki had custody.

Kiki tells Silas that she's planning a memorial service for Ava. Silas points out that Ava hasn't been declared dead yet, but assures Kiki that he'll support whatever decision she makes.

Alexis and Nathan tell Nina that the charges against her were dropped since she seems to be aware of her wrongdoings. Nina's thrilled that she's being released until Alexis tells her that she won't be able to continue to visit Franco. Nina tells Franco that she won't be able to see him again.

Michael and Morgan get into it about the custody hearing. Kiki feels Avery would want to be with her father who loves her. Michael counters that Sonny is a killer and he wants her safe.

Morgan throws a punch. Silas steps in and stops the fighting. After Michael leaves, Morgan reassures Kiki that Michael won't win the custody battle. Kiki's thoughts turn back to the service for her mother and wonders if she's being too rash.

At the courthouse, Carly introduces Michael to Avery and pleads Sonny's case. Carly begs Michael not to take the baby from her family because she needs all of their love.

Nina walks by and declares the baby is hers.

Nikolas sits with Spencer, who wakes up scared. Nik tells him that he'll be going to another hospital for treatment.

Ava's alive and Silas is taking care of her.