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Perkie's Observations: Franco and Nina Are Faking it on General Hospital

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Ava wonders where she is. Silas explains that he still had connections at New York Methodist and managed to sneak her in. Silas says he hates lying to Kiki. Ava worries about Kiki raising Avery and is upset to hear that Sonny has custody.

Silas explains how Sonny is a free man, but that Michael is fighting for custody. Ava's fine with Michael wanting to hurt Sonny, but doesn't want him to use her daughter to do it.
Ava wants to leave, but Silas reminds her that there are still people after her and that she'll have to return to jail.

Julian hopes he and Kiki can set aside their differences for Ava's sake. Kiki mentions the memorial service. Julian reminds her that Ava's body hasn't even been found yet. Julian feels Ava is a survivor and they shouldn't give up on her.

Morgan natters on about how he knew Ava better than anyone. I think Morgan needs to take a seat at the kiddie table and let the grownups talk.

Julian thinks Avery should be at her mother's memorial, to say goodbye and is surprised to hear that Michael is fighting for custody.

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Nina screams repeatedly that Avery is her daughter and for everyone to give her baby back. Alexis decides to postpone her hearing and Nathan returns Nina to Shadybrook.

Jake tells Liz about his weird dream of helping her. Liz is certain that he just wants to repay her for what she's done for him. Liz promises to get him a new lawyer, since Ric betrayed their trust. Jake feels Ric has no competition from him, but Liz disagrees.

Olivia pays Franco a visit and explains that she was also shot up with LSD and that it eventually left her system. She tells Franco about the visions.

Olivia mentions being pregnant. When Franco seems to not be paying attention she lays out her entire story to him.

Spencer is taken to Shriner's Hospital, where the doctor reassures Nikolas that everything will be done to help Spencer recover.

At the courthouse, Judge Heller wants Michael to explain why he's fighting for custody. Michael tells the court all the violence that he's witnessed while being raised by Sonny. Michael feels Avery would be better off at the Quartermaines.

Nina returns to Shadybrook and tells Franco that she faked a mental breakdown so she could come back. Franco tells her that he's faking too.