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Eric Braeden on Chuck Pratt at Y&R: "There is a Clarity to The Work Now"

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Eric Braeden

Soap fans familiar with Chuck Pratt’s legacy may not be happy with his writing at The Young and the Restless, but at least one person is — Eric Braeden. TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan caught up with TV's Victor Newman and asked about Pratt’s storytelling.

What are you thinking about the new head writer, Chuck Pratt, and what we've been seeing on air these past few days?

I am happy with the show and with what Chuck Pratt has been doing. Very happy. There is a clarity to the work now, a kind of long-term purpose. I am absolutely fascinated by the Neil storyline, with the wife and the son having an affair right under his nose. Fascinated! And the scenes with Neil and Nikki drinking together! Kristoff St. John and Melody Thomas Scott played the hell out of that. I do not want to denigrate the previous writers, but this is a different slant and a clearer line laying the groundwork for the future.

Read the entire interview at TV Insider.

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